Fire Truck with Yellow Ladder
Fire Truck
Item Fire Truck
Toy Line Fisher-Price Original Little People
Fits Play Family Vehicle Assortment (1978-1984), Fire Truck (1979-1990), Play Family Service Vehicles, Play Family Village (1973-1977)
TOT Part # FPT525 (fire truck),

FPT530 (base ladder), FPT529 (extension ladder)

The Fire Truck is a vehicle in Play Family Village.


Red (Dull Red) top, white bottom 2-seat fire truck with a yellow ladder base in the center. The ladder base swivels and holds the 2-piece ladder extension (SEPERATE PIECES). Wheels are marked "FISHER-PRICE TOYS". It is 4" long x 2" wide x 1-7/8" tall.

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