BBQ Grill
Plastic BBQ Grill
Item BBQ Grill (short)
Toy Line Fisher-Price Original Little People
Fits Play Family House Patio Set (1970-1973), Play Family Play Rooms (1972-1974), Play Family "A" Frame (1974-1976), Play Family Car & Pop-Up Camper (1980-1981), Play Family Camper (1973-1976), Play Family Village (1973-1977)
TOT Part # FPT133
The Backyard BBG Grill is used on the patio, Play Family Village's Finest Eating Establishment, in Play Family Village.


Round yellow plastic "backyard BBQ" style grill with separate spindle (straight) legs. It has a lithograph on top of a steak, hamburger, and a hot dog. Has a small plastic handle off to one side.

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